Vikki Johnson
for Mesa School Board

Accountable. Bilingual. Cooperative.

Vikki Johnson
for Mesa School Board

Accountable. Bilingual. Cooperative.


I take responsibility for my actions and decisions. I believe it is critical to own up to both our successes and our failures in order to grow and succeed.


With 44% of our families being Hispanic and 26% of our families not speaking English as a primary language at home, it is critical that we ensure that the voices of our largest community is heard within our district.


I am a strong listener who can see and understand the viewpoints of many. It is important to be able to work well with others to accomplish the goals of the district.

About Vikki Johnson

Being a Mesa native, I am passionate about our city’s success. One of the most critical components of any strong community is the education it provides to its children. I am dedicated to ensuring that teachers have the resources they need and the support of their community to ensure they can successfully help educate our children into well-rounded critical thinkers that will become strong contributors to society.

How is Vikki working for YOU?

School Leadership and Volunteer Work

    • Serves as Secretary of the PTO
    • Member of the SIAC (Student Improvement Advisory Council Committee)
    • Provided supplemental learning through the Art Masterpiece program
    • Classroom Mom, responsible for copies for teachers, planned events, and coordinated volunteers


School Fundraising Efforts

  • Organized the fun run for the school earning enough funds to bring much needed reading resources to our classrooms
  • Helped organize the annual Carnival, which raised funds for technology in the classrooms
  • Organized book drive for classroom libraries
  • Invests in education through Donor’s Choose and Clear the List Campaigns

Community Volunteer Work

  • Support and Sponsor events held by the Chandler Compadres to help give back to Arizona’s youth
  • Serve dinners at Paz de Cristo in Mesa
  • Participate and sponsor multiple walks to raise awareness for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing

What do you believe the role of a Governing Schoolboard member is?

The role of a school board member is to help set the vision and goals of the district while ensuring that the community’s values and priorities are well represented. It’s critical that we have broad representation between our board members as Mesa is a large district with a diverse community.

The board is also responsible for hiring the District Superintendent. While the board recently hired Dr. Fourlis as the new Superintendent, this year will be especially unique as we will be working with a new leader of our schools after a disruptive year.

Arizona is ranked 45th in State funding for Public schools.
What are your thoughts on this?

This is definitely a challenge for Arizona public schools; however, as a district board member, we have to make sure we stay focused on the things we can control. Voters and state legislature determine how tax dollars are spent. As a board member and a district/community member it is our responsibility to try to help influence this, and then use what we do have responsibly.

Mesa has been very fortunate to have an incredibly supportive local community. Overrides have continued to pass at the city level to help supplement what the state provides; however, with the misspending that came out late in 2019 and early 2020, our district will need to regain the community’s trust when it comes to fiscal responsibility.

Mesa Public Schools district cabinet has continued to grow even though enrollment rates have declined. It is critical to have strong administrative support for the teachers and principals; however, we need to ensure that this isn’t at the expense of providing adequate funding for the classrooms.

What do you feel is one of the biggest needs for Mesa Unified School District right now?

Right now the district really needs to evaluate the goals that we have for the district and how they affect the culture for the staff and students. The district set a lofty goal to hit the 2030 goals of the state by 2023; however, progress has been minimal since these goals were set.  As a businessperson, I realize the importance of having stretch goals, while still ensuring they are realistic. This is important both for the confidence and buy-in of the employees as well as for the well-being of the students. The district also needs to look at providing adequate materials and support to aid in working towards these goals.


Teachers need to feel empowered to teach material knowing that the test scores will come intrinsically if we believe in our processes rather than teaching for the sake of the state testing at the end of the year.  During the student’s first couple years in school, we need to be focusing on developing curious minds and helping them learn strong problem solving skills by using their naturally inquisitive minds so that we can work towards aggressive goals as they get older. 

Finally, there needs to be more goals that aren’t strictly focused on tests. I understand the importance of the tests when it comes to funding; however…

Our kids are more than their test scores, and that needs to be reflected in our district goals.


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AZLSBA 2030 Project

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Krista Rowley

Krista Rowley

As an educator in Special Education that is passionate about the finances and future of Mesa Public Schools, I am excited to endorse Vikki Johnson for the Mesa Public School’s Governing Board position. I have known Vikki for over 8 years both professionally and...

Nicole Powell

Nicole Powell

It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I offer my endorsement of Vikki Johnson for the Mesa School Board. I have known Vikki for years and have taught one of her children. She was not only active within the classroom, but also offered her help and assistance...

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